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With vehicle technology becoming more sophisticated each year, it is essential that workshops invest in the right equipment. At Das Auto Services we have the latest Honda Diagnostic tool (HIM) and DRB-3 star scam that cover Honda, Jeep and chrysler vehicles. We are able to carry our a variety of tasks from resetting service indicators to diagnosing complex engine management and Anti Lock Braking faults.
Why is specialist diagnostic equipment needed ?
Modern vehicles are controlled by numerous sensors and electronic components that are linked to the main computer that controls how the vehicle functions. Occasionally a fault may occur with one of the sensors or with the control unit itself. By using our sophisticated diagnostic tools with can trace and identify the cause of the fault and then rectify it.
What faults can be diagnosed ?
Most of the functions on a modern car are controlled electronically and, when faulty, require specialist diagnostics. These include:
  • Ignition System
  • Anti Lock Braking System
  • Fuel System
  • Electrical System
  • Exhaust System
  • Airbags
  • Cooling System
  • Transmission
Warning lights

Most system faults will be shown by a warning light on the dashboard indicating that the fault requires investigation.

If your vehicle has a warning light showing or has a fault that you havent been able to get rectified, please don't hesistate to contact us on 0505080445.

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